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We're dedicated to the preservation of classic English motorcycles in general and Triumph motorcycles in particular. We provide high quality parts, new and used, through our national dealer network.

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Welcome to the JRC Engineering INC. web page. We are dedicated to the preservation of British motorcycles manufactured from 1945 through 1983. JRC was established in 1974 to assist the British motorcycle enthusiast in maintaining their motorcycle. We acquired the assets of the factory distributor in 1983 and have served the Meriden Triumph dealer network from that date. We became wholesale only in 1988 and now serve motorcycle shops worldwide. Please look for a dealer in your area using our dealer locator. Feel free to read through our catalog available on this site. This is by no means a complete list of what we stock, we have over 15,000 different part numbers for Triumph, Norton and BSA motorcycles. We look forward to serving the motor sports dealer and through them the British cycle owner. It is our sincere hope that your British cycle experience will be a pleasant and enjoyable one.

For any inquiries, please use our Feedback Form. You can also send us feedback about our products and dealer service. See some of our newest motorcycle products on our New Products page. If you are looking for a dealer near you, use our Dealer Locator. For troubleshooting and fitting instructions, see our new Support page. If you have a vexing question about your bike, check out the BDBDB (Broken-Down-Brits Discussion Board), {coming soon}. Be sure to check back often, as the site is updated regularly and we'll keep you informed of exciting new developments in Classic British Motorsports.

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